03.04.22 Ukraine Volunteering & Updated Donation List

What a positive & productive weekend!

My aim is to help facilitate transporting donations from our local area of BS35 to the International Centre for Ukraine in Bedminster, Bristol. This is where I volunteer for 'From Bristol With Love' (a HMRC Registered Charity) here is their Facebook - This weekend was busy & meaningful, heartbreaking news that Odessa (where aid is sent to be distributed) was targeted on Saturday, making everything this amazing charity and volunteers do even more urgent. I'm only sharing my experience to help raise awareness for the importance of continued support for charities such as 'From Bristol with Love'. Donations are quickly slowing down but the war continues and the Ukraine people's situation is only getting worse. There is plenty of aid outside on the borders for refugees but there is far less getting across the border. That is why this charity speaks to me, it has a direct channel into Ukraine, supporting those who are unable to leave and villages/towns that get cut off.

Thank you for your ongoing donations for me to take on your behalf to this wonderful charity, so generous and thoughtful. Every week I'm super proud to help deliver your donations. The charity is brilliant & efficient at making sure they are sorted, packed and transported very quickly. They had multiple deliveries this weekend the warehouse was almost empty by end of Sundays session. I volunteered Fri, Sat & Sun and I find it completely healing for the soul to be around such wonderful people with love & care in their hearts. This week was extra special as one of our fellow yogi's is also volunteering, the Blue Knights Motorbikes and the Lord Mayor of Bristol, Steve Smith dropped by to say hello too!!! And we received our first photos of donations making the front line! See all he photo's, you'll see it is completely impossible for me to take a normal photo with a Mayor when it matters.... eyes open Jade, doh! ;-p It was also wonderful to see the effort of the young people volunteering their time and been awarded certificates from Dr Razvan Constantinescu, Honorary-Consul of Romania. And guess what, not only is Rob (my boyf) driving your donations, he's also started volunteering at the warehouse too. His haystacking skills really came in handy filling up the vans perfectly to the brim!!!

Big thank you everybody who donated items via our car for transportation. And a big acknowledgment & THANK YOU to Bristol Southmead Stoma Department for donating 5 massive boxes of medical aid, thank you Sara Croft for making this happen! It was also very special to include 'notes of hope' in the boxes I was packing at the warehouse, they were drawn by my lovely nieces Daisy & Iris, I'm proud of you xxx

For transparency, this week we proudly transported your donations of the following:

  • 5 x Big boxes of medical aid (stoma & repurpose for wound tx)

  • 1 x Big bags hats & scarves

  • 1 x Big bag full of mixed first aid medicines

  • 2 pairs safety toe shoes

  • Assorted toiletries, including male toiletries - woohoo!

  • 2 bags of assorted stick & tea candles and matches

  • Essential foods. Rice, pasta, canned goods

  • 2 sleeping bags

  • Disposable tableware

Here is this weeks updated donations list that we can help support. Something I did notice that would be really helpful, would be toiletries for men. Razers, shaving cream, deodorant etc. Female, baby & children already receive generous amounts.

Food - canned food (preferably ready cooked meat, fish, etc), - instant food, - cereals and cereal bars, - crackers and biscuits, - tea (black and herbal), coffee, hot chocolate, - pasta, - flour, - sugar, - dried food, - nuts, - baby food, - sweets and chocolates.

First aid - foil emergency blankets, - first aid kits, - bandages, - syringes, - antiseptics

I bought these from ASDA £1.88 for 20 Bic Razers & £1 shaving foam

Thank you for reading :)

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