Messages & Pictures of Hope - A guide

It is lovely to occasionally pack small picture/postcards/letters 'messages of hope' in some of the Ukraine donation boxes!

Drop them off with me in person or email and I will send you my home address to mail them too!

This is a great activity for children but also us adults too!

I personally find it healing for the soul to share wishes of warmth & love. It will mean something very special to the people who receive these wishes, it is massively important for those affected by war to know that people are thinking of them with warm loving kindness in times like these.

Small pictures/postcards/notes

The message I'm generally sharing is along the lines of this.....

"We're thinking of you, we care and wishing you, your family, friends and communities to stay safe and that love, warmth & kindness are waiting for you in our country and other countries in Europe & around the world."

Lovely examples from my nieces Daisy & Iris. (ps - I'm proud of you both xx)

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