Rob & Jade - URGENT APPEAL - Hoping to transport aid to help Ukraine people this Easter!

Updated: Apr 6

Transporting aid directly to Romania to go into Ukraine, for those who are unable to leave.

Raising urgent funds!


We both have Easter off this year and we would like to use our time in the most helpful and effective way to help people of Ukraine directly.

With your support we could transport a van, from Bristol International Centre for Ukraine to a Government facility in Romania, which will likely be either Constanta or Galati. This will be a 3000 mile journey. We would like to make the journey on April 14/15th. We want to see if we can raise enough funds very quickly, ideally the majority by April 8-9th, so that we can commit to going and make bookings ASAP.

These donations, once they reach the facility in Romania, will then go direct into Ukraine. There is more help on the outside of the borders but there are many people who are unable to leave and they need our help.

Since Saturday 12th March, you may be familiar that we have been volunteering for 'From Bristol With Love' HMRC Registered Charity to help collect, deliver, sort, pack and load aid donations onto vans heading to Ukraine, driven by volunteers.

This work the charity is achieving to support the people of Ukraine is massively important, it is urgent and it's an emergency. Each week we are so humbled to see the donations we have been collecting make their journey directly from our home over to Ukraine within just a few days, transported by people much like us, volunteering to make the journey.

Within the next few days we would like to collect as much financial support as possible to support making this happen. We will be transparent about all costs and how money is spent, we will share receipts.

We are seeking to raise a minimum £2500. The breakdown of this is as follows (all prices estimated)

Van hire including full insurance £450 Euro Tunnel £350 Fuel £1200-£1550 Tolls £150

Donate here -

Anything that we do not spend will go directly to 'From Bristol with Love' charity to help fund the next volunteer driver or for the charity to purchase & send supplies that are needed to support people of Ukraine.

Rob and I will fund our own costs such as eat/sleep/travel insurance etc.

If however we don't raise enough funds in time to make this trip ourselves on the 14th April, the money raised will go directly to the charity towards funding another van driven by volunteers on a different day.

We really appreciate your time reading this and we very much hope that you can support us by donating money to help make this happen, delivering aid is going to make a real difference to those in need.

Please share with friends, family, colleagues and businesses if you think they might be interested in helping us achieve this massively important endeavour.

Kind regards,

Jade & Rob xxx

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