Yoga For Ukraine - Update 20/03/2022

The power of good people! Thank you for this week's donations for Ukraine! Your donations came with me to the International Centre For The Ukraine where I volunteer, everything has been sorted & awaiting transportation. I'll be going back at often as I can to volunteer with this great charity so I'm still accepting donations to take. Donations are slowing down yet still very much needed (this weeks list below)!

To their knowledge, FBWL are the only initiative delivering aid directly into Ukraine (not this side of borders) and now establishing a second corridor into the City of Odessa to deliver as much aid as possible before a situation similar to Mariupol happens. Today's items were to be driven out today but military needed the vehicles for soldiers. Items will be shipped this week!

For transparency here's what I delivered from our collections at Pilning & Easter Compton Village Halls: (WELL DONE & THANK YOU!)

10kg canned foods

10kg pasta & rice + 10 instant pasta dinners

3.5kg biscuits & crackers

15kg dried dog food

1kg tea & coffee

148 nappies

48 sanitary pads

300 cotton buds

6 shampoos/hand-wash/body-wash

2pks cold & flu drinks

64 paracetamol & ibuprofen tablets

5 bar soaps

40 plasters

3 toothbrush & 1 toothpaste

A BIG THANK YOU to Hannah from PVH Preschool for arranging a massive collection of donations at PVH across the week commencing March 14th for me to collect on Thursday. Again, a very generous collection, this went to the Ukraine Centre on March 20th.

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