Personal Training 1-2-1

& Private Groups 2+ Students

Practice yoga based closely on your schedule & needs. Advise your ideal days/times and we'll find an option available to book that fits perfectly or closest to your ideal -  Email here

Once your session day/time has been agreed your dates will be activated online and available to book, sessions must be booked within 24 hours of agreement, after this they will come offline and become available to other enquiries. 

Private 1-2-1:

Personalised, 1-on-1 training to achieve your health goals 

Learn more quickly, go deeper with personal attention & training

Practice based on your schedule, your availability

Building confidence and kick starting your fitness program

Simply continuing an established yoga practice but in a private setting

Familiarising before joining group classes

In-Person Private Class Packages:

One Class: £50 (not available)

1 Month Package (4 classes): £180 Save £20

2 Month Package (8 classes): £344 Save £56

NEW 'Super Saver' 121: 1 class - £35

  • This is a great choice if you enjoy the public group sequences but need/want to practice in your own space or at time that works best for you. They run a little cheaper as they follow the weekly public class sequences rather than personalised sessions but you do still get the 121 experience when it comes personal attention with physical adjustments and sharing understanding.

Private Groups: 

Do you want regular group sessions but in the comfort of your own setting & with family/friends? Consider booking your own private group! These are run similar to public classes but for just you and your friends/family. All participants must be 16+ years. 

Group bookings are perfect for:

  • Those new to yoga or not currently in a regular practice

  • Regular students who fancy a healthful treat with friends / family

  • Specific workshop e.g. back bending etc.

  • Team sport groups - specific strengthening & stretch

  • Practicing at a time for your convenience​


  • £72 sessions for 2 - 6 Students 

  • Larger groups on request @ £12 per additional student

  • Longer sessions available by arrangement £1 per each additional planned minute for each session

How it all works:

Space & Time:

  • Arrange dates/times/location prior to booking

  • Your space - home/garden/office etc. Village Halls can be hired and I can put you in touch (usually around £10-£13 per hour)

Private 1-2-1:

  • Together, we’ll work specifically on your health goals using the best yoga practices to serve you. This is highly-individualised and designed to help you get the most benefits in the least amount of time possible.

  • Private one-on-one classes are great for beginners and for those with specific requirements whether it's not being able to attend regular group classes, wanting a tailored class just for you or working with specific health challenges or injuries.​

Private 1-2-1 'The Super Saver' :

  • Follows group sequences of the week but in your own space/time


  • Share your groups requirements/suggestions in advance of class

  • Each student completes a health questionnaire and waiver.


Back Stretch
Downward Dog
Outdoors Yoga Class

Let's breathe, have fun
& stay bendy!