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August Special: Wed x 5 Yang-Yin £6.5 pc

SAVE £2 per class this August! 6pm Wed. Yang-Yin for Flexibility.

  • Started 3 Aug
  • 32.50 British pounds
  • Carnival Hall (Right Hall). The Halls, Easter Compton BS35 5RE

Service Description

Wednesdays 6pm x 5 Easter Compton Halls, Carnival Hall (right hall) Can also be booked as single classes. Go back to booking page for info. This practice is not only enjoyed by fitness fanatics but also ANYBODY who's feeling tightness & stress in the body. Sport 'SoS' Stretch can help you! SoS = Science Of Stretching! - Anatomical & science based practice - Non religious, no om's, incense or mediation Targeted Flexibility & Mobility Training: Passive tension, slow deep stretching for myofascial release giving you better range of motion and mobility. We train specific tight areas such as hamstrings, back, hips and total body. Designed for sports to increase athletic performance. This practice enhances range of motion, gait, mobility, speed and recovery times. Typical students who enjoy the benefits of time under tension holds are run/swim/cyclists, surfers, bootcamp, weight trainers, climbers, dancers, martial arts, equestrian, yogis, physical-manual workers and ANYBODY suffering tightness & stress in the body. No experience needed. Beginners welcome! Bringing your own props may be very beneficial! - blocks, strap, blankets, cushions. If you don't have these, get creative - Books, scarf /belt or robe belt, towels & bed pillows! The 3 Principles of Science Of Stretching: #1 - Muscles stretch best when completely relaxed. So when you train for flexibility, you attempt to relax into the stretch as much as possible. #2 - Nervous system training & toning using breath. Inhale through your nose to the count of four, exhale to the count of eight. This breathing practice turns off the stretch reflex and relieves muscle tension. #3 - Progressing passive tension hold times. The gating factor for flexibility is time we hold under passive tension 2 - 5 minutes. Note: This is an intense stretch practice for mobility, this is not a Restorative Yoga class. ** Do not attend with Covid/Cold/Flu/Sickness symptoms or if anybody at home self-isolating** Important: If you have a joint replacement (e.g. hip/knee), had recent surgery, hypermobility or EDS you need to seek medical approval for deep long-hold stretching.

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