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Summer Solstice - AM 108 Sun Salutates

Sun Salutes honour the sun, our primary source of light. Hello Summer!

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  • Easter Compton Halls

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I am planning that you can join me on June 21st to celebrate the changing of the seasons this Summer Solstice by saluting the sun 108 times! This depends both on student interest and hall availability. Please register your interest! I will be going for a silent walk & shared reflection before, you're very welcome to join me! This is unofficial & at own risk. It's a hill walk on uneven ground, good footwear req. We will leave car park 6am prompt, no waiting. Back at hall to open for 7am - 8.30/9am 108 Sun Salutes! Traditionally Sun Salutes honour the sun our primary source of light. Surya Namaskar broken down is Sanskrit is Surya = Sun and Namaskar = to adore or to bow. How to do 108 Sun Salutations: To complete the challenge we’ll practice Sun A and divide the salutations into 9 sets of 12, each set with its own personal intention or dedication and we can take a rest between each set as desired. We can use modifications so not to not go full expression each time or go all the way if that is what your mind-body invites you to do once warmed up. Focus This practice is a moving meditation. Create an intention/dedication for each set of 12, for example dedicating a set for good health to a loved one, setting intension to focus on a particular movement and its alignment such as high-low plank or jump/step-through or simply staying with conscious breath, connecting it with movement & holds.​ Warm-up Your first set should be like a warm up go steady. You may gradually increase your expression in the poses as you open up. We can take modifications if/as wanted and even add in extra poses such as Warrior I from Sun B.​ Counting Each student will be given a counting method such as peanuts, beads or buttons to keep count. Rests / Pauses Take a break! - If you are feeling dizzy, sit on your knees, keep your heart elevated and return to 4:4 Balanced Breathing to balance the nervous system. Re-join in once you are ready.​ Stay hydrated Take mini sips of water throughout.​ Benefits of a 108 Sun Salutations challenge? To name a few I have personally felt they can help with... Focus Tenacity Commitment to practice Strength Connection and grounding Energy and alertness Confidence boosting Happiness and positivity​ ​​What can you do to prepare? Come to classes through June and prepare mind-body and build strength Stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods Don’t eat a large meal within 3 hours of the event, keep to light snacks such as juicy high water content fruit!

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