Booking Policy (Private 121's refer to specific 121 policy here)

  • All students must complete a health questionnaire prior to first session.

  • Outdoor classes go ahead in cool/light rain. Extreme weather, heavy rain/snow/wind will postpone the session. Dress appropriate for weather.


  • Don't attend classes with Covid symptoms or if anybody in your home/work have symptoms. Don't allow Jade to visit your home/space if you/others have Covid symptoms.

  • All Government Covid rules apply

  • All in-person classes are held outdoors until May 17th 2021

  • In-person classes adhere to strict socially distanced protocols until legal restrictions & science allows

  • Teacher wears mask & keeps distance, no hands-on physical adjustments for students

  • No gathering/socialising

  • No shared items. No cash. Everything pre-booked. Paperwork completed online

  • Students must communicate any health changes / injury that may affect practice.

  • No refunds or transfers for student cancellations: As your coach I feel this helps commitment to class! (Exceptional circumstances at discretion, get in touch! *PASS HOLDERS - changes can be made up to 2 hours before for pre-booked classes. *Indoor in-person classes exempt - No cancellation refunds or transfers. 

  • Should Jade need to cancel the class at short notice you will automatically receive a *coupon for another yoga class. If you paid 'drop-in / pay as you go' and would prefer a refund please let Jade know. *PASS HOLDERS - The session will be applied back to your pass.​

  • Registered students: Please book online classes at least 30 minutes in advance to allow for personal technical set-up in advance. Exception - 7.15am classes need to be booked the evening before at the latest.

  • Classes are for person on booking form only*. Please do not share or transfer to other students. Each student attending an online session must pay in advance. *PASS HOLDERS -  Please do not share pass with other students.

  • Online classes: You will need to join Zoom classes with video enabled and keep this on for the duration of the class for Jade to see your yoga practice.

  • All classes are for adults, 16+ years. No upper age limit.