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Video/Photo Library T&C's / Community Agreement:

  • Do not share any Jade Stott Yoga photos, videos or access codes with friends, family or colleagues etc. unless they have practised with me before and I'm aware they will be using the videos if I deem suitable and safe for their personal specific health needs.

  • You do not have permission to record, take photos, screenshots, share, broadcast or publish videos or images anywhere. Jade Stott of Jade Stott Yoga owns all rights to all content, videos, photos and text.


  • My classes are not for pregnancy or postnatal. If you are pregnant, or become pregnant, or are postnatal please seek medical guidance for recommendations.

Health & Safety - SoS Sport Stretching:

  • Not suitable if you have a joint replacement (e.g. hip, wrist, knee), had recent surgery or hyper-mobile. Unless medical approval has been given for deep long-hold stretching.

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