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Class Descriptions (FAQ Below)

Strength & Stretch

STRENGTH & STRETCH is an all-levels practice enjoyed by all levels of fitness and ages. 

What to expect:

The best of everything. Postures that strengthen and challenge the body and postures that aid tension release in major muscle groups.

Everything practiced is to support overall strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. This class is a fusion of the three class descriptions below but with extra focus on muscle tension release & relaxation.


Perfect for:

  • Deep core, pelvic floor & spine health

  • Leg & upper body strength

  • Balance & overall strength & flexibility

  • Targeting strength in major muscles groups

  • Practicing breath control

  • Managing stress

  • Seeking challenge - physical & mental



My Ashtanga-Vinyasa are powerful beginner classes designed to build strength, flexibility and balance of body & mind. 


What to expect:

Fast paced, dynamic classes that focus on strength. Expect planks, jumps, squats & core-work using a mindful approach for own body alignment, pairing movements with breath. Ashtanga-Vinyasa / Power Yoga beginner style classes.


Perfect for:

  • Deep core, pelvic floor & spine health

  • Leg & upper body strength

  • Balance & overall strength & flexibility

  • Stress management 

Stretch Club / Gravity Yoga

STRETCH CLUB / GRAVITY YOGA is an all-levels practice is not only enjoyed by fitness fanatics but also ANYBODY feeling tightness & stress in the body.

What to expect:

Targeted Flexibility & Mobility Training. Passive tension, slow deep stretching for myofascial release giving you better range of motion and mobility.

We train specific tight areas such as hamstrings, back, hips and total body. Designed for sports to increase athletic performance. This practice enhances range of motion, gait, mobility, speed and recovery times.


Perfect for:

The typical student who enjoys the benefit of flexibility training is ANYBODY suffering tightness & stress in the body. Typical athletes are run/swim/cyclists, tennis players, golfers, surfers, bootcamp & weight trainers, climbers, dancers, martial arts, equestrian, yogis and those who have physical-manual jobs.


Hot Ghosh Inspired

HOT GHOSH INSPIRED is practiced in a heated studio  at 40-42° degrees / 40 - 50% humidity. This is both an energising & strengthening practice for the total body. All levels.

What to expect:

Inspired by Ghosh principles finding the therapeutic value of poses that stretch, strengthen and challenge body & mind. 

Perfect for:

  • Targeting strength in major muscles groups

  • Practicing breath control

  • Managing stress

  • Seeking challenge - physical & mental

  • Enjoying heat


Easter Compton Classes 

  • Plan to arrive 5 mins before class to set up, 10 minutes if it's your first class

  • There will be music played at medium-low volume, advise if this needs your consideration

  • Lighting is medium-low, advise if this needs your consideration

  • Chairs available for support & enhance your practice

  • Bring your own exercise/yoga mat. If it is your first couple of classes and you don't own a mat, pop me a message I'll bring a mat you can borrow.

What To Wear & Bring:

  • Wear clothes you would feel comfortable exercising in. Elastic waists are usually more comfortable and shirts that don't fall over your head when you bend forward are more practical. No socks or shoes to help better engage the body and avoids slips & trips.

  • You may want water available

  • NOT ESSENTIAL -> You may want to consider bringing 2 yoga blocks/chunky books, 2 small cushions or 2 rolled up medium towels, a yoga strap/scarf or belt and maybe a blanket. All or a few, these items are YOUR choice. They are not always needed but they can add extra layers to your poses if you bring them!


What does it cost?

Your first class is 50% off, option available when you book. A single class purchase is £8.50. Classes can also be bought as 5-6 week blocks with an average saving of £10-24 per term depending on which block you purchase and how often you practice. This is an INVESTMENT into your wellness now and for the future you!

Is it for men? Is yoga and stretching just for women? Is it inclusive however I identify?

YES yes and yes. And yes again yoga is for men. (traditionally, yoga was designed by men for men). Come!

So no, it's not just for women and actually yoga doesn't pay attention to however we identify, yoga is for EVERYBODY.

Unfortunately for a long time in the western world, yoga was heavily marketed towards women. Take a look at the origins of yoga, you will find mostly men in practice and texts were often written relating to the male body. Yoga in the western world is massively popular amongst all genders, abilities, ages and cultural backgrounds.

I'm NOT flexible, do I need to be flexible?

No, this is why we do it.

What do I bring?

Just yourself, a mat if you have one. message me if you don't, I'll bring one for you.

What do I wear?

Wear clothes you would feel comfortable in.

Can I eat & drink before practice?

It is better to have a more or less empty stomach, ideally try not to eat too much for 2-3 hours before class. If you do need some snacks just keep it light, try fruit, veg, eggs etc. Hydration of clear fluids is important, water, herbal teas etc. Try not to drink huge amounts just before a class, your stomach will thank you in upside-down and compressed poses!

How often should I practice?

Practice once a week and you’ll feel the difference. If you can, two to three times a week is optimum for the body and for progressing your practice. That said, if 2-3 times per week is unrealistic, one class per week or when you can is better than nothing at all. Do what you can, when you can and celebrate what you do!

Do I need any similar experience?

No, all classes are for beginners+

When is the best time to start?

The sooner the better!

Can I practice when I'm menstruating?  

Yes WARRIOR woman, yes you can.

Do you speak in Sanskrit/other languages?

No, I use easy to follow pose names and terminology 

I'm pregnant, I've been referred to yoga, can I attend your classes?

Unfortunately these classes are not suitable for pregnancy at any stage. They are suitable from 6 weeks postpartum with medical professional approval.

Is there any spiritual philosophy/chanting/incense or Om's?

These are not within my own beliefs so it wouldn't be authentic for me to share as your teacher. I'm interested in anatomy so this is the place I teach from. I want everybody to feel equally comfortable in group classes therefore I only share yoga asana (poses) and pranayama (breath).

In my free time I enjoy experiencing and learning about the spiritual roots of yoga in my own education & practices to keep expanding my knowledge.


Let's breathe, have fun
& stay bendy!

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