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Private 121 & Groups - Terms & Conditions:



  • Groups/Corporates - Arrange & confirm dates & times in advance -

  • As a small business there are no refunds, however sessions may be transferred to the closest available time. 48 hrs advanced notice is required to make changes. After this, cancellations/changes will incur full cost.

  • Classes are typically scheduled for 60 minute blocks (or more if chosen). If class starts late due to student delay, or if class is interrupted by student, Jade will still need to end at scheduled time.

  • 121 class sequence is designed for signed-up participant and cannot be transferred to another student. 

  • Adult classes, all participants must be 16+ years to take part.

  • Should Jade need to cancel a 121 session at short notice, the session will be refunded..

  • All students must complete a health questionnaire prior to first session.​

  • Students must communicate any health changes / injury that may affect practice.

  • Payment in advance. All sales are final and non-refundable for any reason.




Don't attend classes with Covid symptoms or if anybody in your home/work has symptoms. Don't allow Jade to visit your home/space if you/others have Covid symptoms.

  • All Government Covid rules apply


  • Check with a trusted medical professional before starting any new exercise routine. If any existing medical condition or injury, make sure doctor approves of yoga as a rehabilitation protocol. Your health is your responsibility, please take care and err on the side of caution.

  • Participants provide themselves with a safe space to practice in. If in-person, must also be safe for teacher.

  • Practice within own range. No forcing postures. If wanting to use yoga props such as blocks, strap & cushions use them (books & belt/scarf will do if no props)!​


  • Turn off your phone notifications (unless key worker or expecting urgent news). 

  • Use a yoga mat if possible but don't worry if you don't have one

  • Wear loose-fitting, athletic clothing e.g. shorts/joggers/legging & t-shirt 

  • Schedule yourself 60+ minutes of uninterrupted time 

  • Avoid eating 3 hours before practice

  • Keep well hydrated but avoid large amounts of fluid just before practice. 

  • Sometimes we use a wall, good to have one close by

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