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Yoga Teacher & Breath Coach


Jade Stott, Yoga Teacher. The natural world has an effective influence on my practice & teaching. It is important to me for yoga to feel accessible and natural to the individual body and mind, nothing forced and allowing time to evolve. I want our movements, breath and mind to feel the freedom to explore and evolve, simply and functionally too.

I teach Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa, Flexibility Training and Guided Breath ​from a modern science-based approach for fitness, strength, flexibility and balance. I also teach Hot Classic 26&2 of Ghosh principles and Yin based on the opposite principles in nature, stability & stillness v's movement & growth. For me your practice is about consistency not complexity, I keep it simple and teach with your unique body in mind, encouraging you to feel & find better alignment personal to you. Yoga to me, is about what a pose feels like, what therapeutic benefits its giving not about its complexity. But, simple doesn't always mean easy, I like to add healthy amounts of challenge too! 

​Being a part of your yoga experience is so rewarding for myself as a teacher. Whilst guiding yoga and breath I'm constantly inspired by how naturally wonderful our human bodies are. Whether your goal is feel to stronger, loosen up tight or ‘blocked’ areas of your body or to simply allow yourself some calm undisturbed ‘you time’ on your mat – I’m there!

My personal practice is varied, my main disciplines are Ghosh & Hot 26&2 and I also enjoy Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin. Yoga has changed my life and career. You can see 'My Story' here .

If you’ve tried yoga before and felt uncomfortable or out of place, don’t worry! I have a range of classes that support healthy body and mind. I don't teach by chanting or with incense and I use easy to understand anatomical pose names. My students are working professionals, students, busy parents, gym goers and everyone in between. I provide a modern health and wellness-based approach to practice. Think of yoga as a marathon not a sprint, yoga unfolds over years. Take time to develop practice and receive long lasting benefits.

What I share:

  • A modern approach to classic yoga

  • Clean & comfortable practice environments

  • 45, 60, 75 & 90-minute classes

  • Yoga as exercise classes and yoga as relaxation classes

  • Mind-body fitness for everyone

  • Passion for yoga and dedicated practice

Let’s breathe, let’s have fun & let’s stay bendy!

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Festive holiday (no classes): Dec 23rd - Jan 7th

2022 timetable for Bristol BS35:

  • Mondays NEW LOCATION - Power Yoga, Easter Compton Halls, Celebration Hall (left hall)

  • Wednesdays - Sport Deep Stretch, Easter Compton Halls, Carnival Hall (right hall)

  • Fridays - Power Yoga, Pilning Village Hall


All booked through myself here 

Newport NP20 1HX, Wales:

Hot Yoga Health, Newport Hot Classic 26 & Hot Classic 26&2 influenced by the Ghosh lineage. Book directly with the studio. My prices and T&C's do not apply to other yoga studios or gyms.



“I started Jade’s class last summer as a complete yoga beginner. My main aim then was to gain confidence in my body again after a foot injury and to hopefully be able to repair my foot enough to get back into running. Jade’s gentle, reassuring and supportive approach is perfect for me as I feel inspired to challenge myself, knowing that Jade is there to scaffold and guide me through my practice.
As a result of this class I have so much more respect for my body and have confidence that I can progress and achieve. Thanks to this confidence and strength I smashed my goal and ran the half marathon in September.Thanks Jade!”



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