Jade Stott Yoga

Yoga Teacher & Breath Coach


Yoga Teachers College Certified

Registered Yoga Alliance Professionals yoga teacher

I teach yoga from a science-based approach to improve & maintain fitness, strength, flexibility and balance. I teach Vinyasa, Gravity Yoga (Targeted Mobility Training), Yin & Yoga HIIT.  As well a teaching yoga I'm also a certified Breath Coach. 

It’s about consistency not complexity, I teach with your unique body in mind, encouraging you to feel & find better alignment personal to you. For me yoga is about what a pose feels like, what benefits its giving not about how complex it looks.

Being part of a student’s yoga journey is so rewarding, whether your goal is to touch your toes again, loosen up your tight back/shoulders/hips or to simply allow yourself some fun undisturbed ‘you time’ on your mat – I’m there!

Old injuries? Oh I know that journey too well and the frustrations & breakthroughs that come with it. In 2012 after a pretty decent horse riding accident and after spending months working with my rehab physios, they suggested I took to improving my yoga practice with actual yoga teachers guiding me mindfully to strengthen my body. Later that year I was standing on my mat, better balanced, looking into the studio mirror to see how well my body was healing and becoming stronger through the help of regular yoga practice.

My yoga journey was originally one of my healing aids after my accident. My ambition was to improve my injuries but yoga positively transformed so much more, my body and mind took a complete turn and I knew I would have to share and teach yoga in my future. Through personal experience and witnessing positive physical change in others, it is my absolute passion to teach and continuously learn how yoga affects our bodies, mind and fitness goals.

After years of dedicated practice and experiencing first-hand the healing power of yoga, I went on to study and gain my teaching qualification through Lucas Rockwood at his Yoga Teachers College studios in Barcelona.

Let’s breathe, let’s have fun, let’s get bendy!



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“I started Jade’s class last summer as a complete yoga beginner. My main aim then was to gain confidence in my body again after a foot injury and to hopefully be able to repair my foot enough to get back into running. Jade’s gentle, reassuring and supportive approach is perfect for me as I feel inspired to challenge myself, knowing that Jade is there to scaffold and guide me through my practice.
As a result of this class I have so much more respect for my body and have confidence that I can progress and achieve. Thanks to this confidence and strength I smashed my goal and ran the half marathon in September.Thanks Jade!”


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